Best Pre-school in Boduppal, Apekx Play School

Apekx Playschool is a best pre-school in Boduppal Hyderabad that provides a nurturing environment for young children to learn and grow. With a child-centered approach to education, Apekx Playschool ensures that every child is given individual attention and opportunities to develop their unique talents and abilities.

The school has a spacious campus with well-equipped classrooms, a playground, and a variety of learning resources to provide an excellent learning experience for young children. The teachers at Apex Playschool are experienced and trained to understand the needs of young children and provide them with a supportive and caring environment.

Founder & Head of School

At Apekx Playschool, the curriculum is designed to encourage learning through play, exploration, and creativity.

The school offers a range of activities and programs that help children develop their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills. These include storytelling, art and craft, music, dance, outdoor play, and more.

Apekx Playschool is an excellent choice for parents looking for a nurturing and stimulating environment for their young children. Apekx Playschool provides a solid foundation for children’s learning and development.

Founder & Principal

Learning & Fun

Play is the best form of Learning.

Creative Learning

Nurturing Creativity to help kids develop Imaginative skills.

Active Learning

Exposure to core concepts through hands-on activities

Happy Environment

Safety, Security and Hygiene are our prime importance

The school focuses on developing children’s language skills and offers classes in English, Hindi, and Telugu. Children are encouraged to express themselves freely and develop their communication skills through various activities and interactions with their peers and teachers.

Apekx Playschool offers parent engagement programs and workshops to help parents understand their child’s learning and development. The school believes in building a strong partnership with parents to ensure that children receive the best possible education and support.

What parent say
Apekx Playschool is the perfect place for your child to start their academic journey. The teachers are incredibly caring, attentive, and patient with the children.
Prashanthi Vunnam

More than just a joyful place

Apex Playschool is an exceptional playschool that provides a holistic approach to early childhood education.